Dog, Cat and Small Animal Boarding

Moonshadow Pet Resort is dedicated to becoming your pets’ “Home Away From Home”. We will settle for nothing less than excellent care and service for you and your pets. Each animal is given individualized care and attention. We realize that your babies are all different and deserve to be treated as such. What is best for some may not be best for others. So, we strive to meet each animal’s needs and wants to the best of our ability.

Moonshadow Pet Resort furnishes everything your pets will need for their stay. We have food, beds, toys, treats, and endless supplies of hugs and kisses. Both our canine and feline guests are served a premium diet to support their health and happiness during their stay with us.

  • General and Property Manger resides on premise
  • Indoor and outdoor accommodations
  • Climate controlled
  • Personalized care and attention
  • 2 playtimes included in price
  • Bed-time potty, biscuits and kisses
  • Qualified, trained staff
  • Calming music 24 hours per day
  • Live security and fire monitoring
  • Online reservations

While you are boarding your pet with us, we highly recommend that you pamper your pet with one of our famous baths! Moonshadow’s top secret combination of shampoo and conditioners will have your pet smelling better than ever and staying cleaner longer. Our baths include dremeling your pets’ nails, cleaning their ears, shampoo and conditioner and a blow dry.

Our feline friends receive rest, relaxation and plenty of room to romp in our indoor suites. Each room is furnished with climbing trees and toys. Deluxe rooms overlooking a bird and squirrel feeder are also available. Come over and check them out!

Fall Dates:
For a single dog, $27 per day
All subsequent family dogs, $24 per day

For a single cat, $15 per day
All subsequent family cats, $12 per day

Summer & Holiday Rates (June 1-September 30, New Year’s, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK Day):
Dogs, 1st $30/2nd+ $27
Cats, 1st $18/2nd+ $15

We also charge a $3 Medication Fee for any medicine that needs to be administered during your pets stay

Long-term boarding:$540.00 per month

For small animals, exotics & birds
$12 per day, per pet

**All prices are subject to change**

Would you like us to meet you at the airport or bring your pet home to meet you after work?  Moonshadow transportation is available in the Greater Charleston.  Let us drive your pet and curtail your busy schedule!
John’s Island stops $15.00 each way
10-20 mile radius $20.00 each way
Thereafter, $2.00, for each additional mile